Delivery Of Items

    Currency:CAD Category:Collectibles Start Price:5.00 CAD Estimated At:NA
    Delivery Of Items

    Online Bidding Not Available For This Item

    The auctioneer isn't accepting online bids for this item.

    Contact the auctioneer for more information.
    Visit the auctioneer's website for other details.

    Auction Date:2023 Dec 06 @ 18:00 (UTC-7 : PDT/MST)
    Location:2050 227th Ave NE, Edmonton, Alberta, T5Y 6H5, Canada
    If you require shipping, please give us 3-5 business days after our local pick-ups for us to reach out to you with your updated invoice.

    Items will be available for pick up from 11am - 7pm on after the auction closes.
    PICK-UP LOCATION *Edmonton* (Address shared after the auction ends)

    Buyers Premium is 17.5%
    (825)777-6666. Beck Auctions Inc
    Delivery Of Items
    If you can't pick up your items from the estate auction location we will bring them back to the auction house for pick up.

    Small Item - $20
    Chair - $50.00
    Couch - $200.00
    Desk - $250.00
    Starts at $40.00 Canada Post Ground